Rabu, 01 September 2010

Sudah Tampil Hot, Pamer Payudara Tapi Honor Belum Di Bayar

Andi Soraya, sexy artist who likes making sensational claims in the movie Ghost honornya Peak Months Coming just paid half of the initial agreements with the K2K Productions. Brenda gave a week before reporting to the police K2K Productions.

"I'm still waiting for the good faith of the parties PH (production house) to the path of brotherhood. But if not, forced-though-I was actually lazy to take legal. I'll wait until next week to wait for their good faith," said Andi, in Pisa Mahakam Jakarta, Monday (last month).

Actress Aya familiarly called it explains, in the employment contract stated that the remaining 50 percent of new fee will be paid after the film premieres on February 4, 2010. The film is not yet live as it gets in protest of the MUI (Indonesian Ulama Council) until finally the Film Censorship Institution delayed telecast of the film.

"The first PH asked me to be patient because there is a problem with this film. They were afraid that the movie is not running so the loss. However, if the movie is not running, it's not my problem. If ditayangkannya next year, baseball might be paid for next year too," said Aya.

In the film, Aya jumped into sections without a single stitch. There is also an intimate scene with her boyfriend, actor newcomer Ferly Son. In addition to showing exciting scenes Aya, a film produced by Keke Dheraaj also contains intimate scenes personnel Tiger Trio, Lia, with his girlfriend.

Aya regret the PH attitudes that delay the payment of honorariums honorariums because he had heard other players has been wrong all.

"Honor I have not been completed 50 per cent. It was said that since the amount compared to other players, are quite large. But I can not get to talk numbers, the company's confidential," he argued.

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