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Julie Estelle

Julie Estelle, girl born in Jakarta on January 4, 1989 It has been predicted by one of the entertainment media Indonesia as one of Indonesia's young actress who has a bright future in the world of Indonesian cinema. Acting in a film trilogy that captured the horror "Kuntilanak" Mantovani Rizal referrals has become an important milestone for his career Julie Estelle who is also the younger brother of former VJ MTV music television special, Cathy Sharon.

Samantha's role as a figure, mysterious girl who is often haunted by the figure in the film Kuntilanak MVP Pictures production in 2006 was in fact did become an important career records for Julie Estelle climbed the entertainment world for the homeland. The movie box office record is quite impressive that eventually spawned two sequels that release simultaneously on next year. Although not a record box office two films continued "Kuntilanak" Julie Estelle increasingly honed career to become a promising young actress.

Recently the owner's full name is Julie Estelle Gasnier to play in a horror thriller movie Mo landing Brothers entitled "Ruma Dara." Acting luring back played in the film filled with many scenes of this sadistic. Some media even called the appearance of Julie Estelle in this film as one of the young actress to be reckoned with for regeneration kinds senior actress Christine Hakim and Jajang C. Noer.

Acting itself known since he joined in the project's ambitious film production house ReXinema entitled "Alexandria" in 2005. Yasmina Alexandria role as the character, the figure of a girl who contested the two men simply looking for public attention. At that time, Julie Estelle still under the shadows of the older well-established as a VJ on music channel MTV.

In the film direction by Ody C. Harahap is where Fachry Albar and Marcel Chandrawinata also come into play that, Julie Estelle rewarded a prestigious award as "Most Favorite Rising Star" in the arena MTV Indonesia Movie Awards 2006. An amazing record of course, remember the "Alexandria" is the first gateway to the world of entertainment Julie Estelle walked homeland.

In the same year Julie Estelle also joined in a love-themed film project "Dealova", where he must compete with Evan Sanders acting when it is still a VJ on music special channel, MTV. Although this film is not too get box office revenues are extraordinary, the position of Julie Estelle increasingly regarded by Indonesian film maker.

Like most actresses, Julie also became one of the video clips of models for Jasmine Trias. Another achievement of Julie Estelle mencorong enough was when he was selected as one voice for the animated box-office movie "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" which is the exclusive impressions of a special cable television network for Indonesia.

Goto Julie own voiceover for the character April O'Neil, one of the important characters in the movie. Other Indonesian stars involved in this ambitious project is Nicholas Saputra.
As a young actress fee that is sexy, controversy has also come to Julie Estelle when caught posing for the Indonesian version of Playboy magazine, published in mid July 2006. Julie Estelle when it was reported by the group Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) as they relate to the photographs of her genitalia mengumbar in the third edition of Playboy magazine. This case simply evaporate without any continuation as a result of pressure dibredelnya FPI Playboy magazine a year later.

In early 2008, ahead of the release of the last trilogy of horror films "Kuntilanak", the public again struck by the circulation of sexually arousing photographs of Julie Estelle sexy bikini wear along with his girlfriend at the time, Moreno Soeprapto. The photo shows affection on a beach between Julie Estelle Moreno along with a large family. This case could even surprise the public, re-evaporated along with the end of a romance between Julie Estelle with the younger brother of racer Ananda Mikola end of the year was in mid 2008.

Disconnected from Moreno Soeprapto who work as drivers, do not make Julie Estelle deterrent. Soon he maintains relationships with several men who worked as a celebrity. Not long ago, he proclaimed with a young singer hubunganny Ello. Although very warm, their relationship is still far from such marriages a source close to them said.

Julie Estelle itself is a graduate of the Lycée Français de Jakarta International, a French school in Jakarta. Latest Activity Julie Estelle currently a spokesperson and an active member in the community of mobile users in blogging platform. After playing in several films with amazing quality of acting, Julie Estelle finally be relieved because the fewer the gossip that his career is obtained by assuming mendompleng his brother.

In the year 2010, for the first time Julie Estelle also come into play in a strip soap opera titled "Amanah In Love" along with young actors and actresses Christian Sugiono Sofie Alice Norin. Filming is quite exhausting and lasted throughout the day in fact does not make Julie Estelle kapok underwent her latest activities. In his twitter account recently said Julie always happy with her latest activities because they have friends in the place of shooting fun.

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