Rabu, 01 September 2010

Cara Menghindari Kejahatan Hipnotis

Hypnotis has been troubling residents of crime in Indonesia, especially the big cities do. Many victims suffer losses due to type of crime. The They even dare to do it in a place that many visitors shopping. For that PR Polda Metro Jaya offers tips to avoid evil hypnosis:

In general, hypnotic process that consists of five stages, namely:

1. Pre Induction: the process approach with people who want to be hypnotized.

2. Induction: The process of hypnotic induction, such as tap on the shoulder, hold and then the hypnotist said "sleep", or also by way of "see my eyes and sleep."

3. Deepening: The process of deepening of hypnosis to the conditions in deeper / relax again with the count or with the visualization.

4. Suggestion: The suggestion / information to someone who is hypnotized to do what is asked by the hypnotist.

5. Termination: Termination of hypnosis and the person is again realized. Before the termination process is often a criminal hypnotist / black Hypnotist ask the victim to forget the hypnotic process, so that when termination occurs as if the victim does not realize what had happened.

After knowing the hypnotism process occurs at least the following tips that you can do to avoid the evil hypnotist.

1. Cautious with new people. Vigilant not to say suspicious. Or prejudice.

2. Avoid seeing your opponent's face to talk us directly.

3. Every Hypnosis is self hypnosis. Every hypnosis is actually hypnotize themselves. So why would anyone want to be hypnotized? Actually he did not want to be hypnotized, because in the pre stages of self-induction when you want to talk to and dissolve in a chat that was giving a sign that you agree on the hypnotic.

4. We can not deny there are elements or forcing Gendam power with energy. There is a part of the builders who use hypnosis street hypnosis with the aid of the third world, energy or whatever his name. Usually you suddenly sleepy or yawning frequently in the crowd. To cope with this, see to multiply remembrance / prayer to the Lord. And drink water, as well as your focus to external, such as reading books or reading the scriptures is better than focus on the internal / think / reflect.

5. Avoid the crowds who are focused on one event if possible.

6. For those of you who latah, like kagetan, easy fainting, as much as possible to be with people you trust.

7. Do not easily believe it when getting an SMS gift, prize or similar email. Whether through electronic and direct telephone.

8. When you suddenly you realize that you were already in the process of hypnosis. Do not panic. All you have to do is to say within myself that I would calculate 1.2, 3 and the count of three I'll wake up and remember everything.

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