Selasa, 25 Mei 2010

Maria Ozawa Main di Menculik Miyabi

Kidnap movie maria ozawa Miyabi latest film in Indonesia? rumors about maria ozawa aka miyabi porn star beautiful artist is this? yahh iyalah beautiful if not how can there be an idol in his country again porn movie? about Maria ozawa Miyabi Main Film Indonesia apparently true? where the plan is ready Miyabi Movie kidnap Maxima Picture released in late 2009.

Where the movie "kidnap Miyabi" will be starring and written manuscript by a famous blogger and author of a previously successful Dika Raditya through the film 'Goat Male' yah While performing as an artist Miyabi pendukungnya.di this film will serve as Raditya Dika Raffa. Because obsessed with Miyabi, he also intended to kidnap her.

According to the news that I read Miyabi kidnap movie story line is there are three students who were obsessed with cupu Japanese porn star, and when she got kidnapped was in Jakarta. But, funny thing because of different languages, Japan and Indonesia, so they do not connect. And plan, filming will take place after Lebaran. Miyabi itself certainly will come to Jakarta in October. He will be filming for a week in Jakarta.

In the movie kidnap Miyabi ozawa maria nude or jumped into not going to be nasty so who hope to see maria ozawa aka miyabi naked or naked is going to be disappointed:) ...

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