Rabu, 08 September 2010

Once Mundur Dari Dewa 19, Benarkah?

As expressed guitar god, Andra during a gig at GREAT with Andra and The Backbone, Dewa 19's guitarist Once justify withdrawal of the Gods 19.

Reportedly, Once will resign because of not disagree more with Dhani. It is said that the reason Once out of the band who always release hits is because Once wanted to focus on solo careers. Once the cause of the withdrawal plan is unclear.

"Once's been talking to the boss Aquarius (perusah.um Once recording contract as a solo artist), he wants to focus on solo careers," says a source who mentioned his name gan eng.

Once news of the departure of the Gods 19 because Once getting fed up with the god of 19 whose work started sluggish. Vacuum because the personnel were busy with musical projects outside of their respective god

That said, a man named Elfonda Mekel it wanted out of Dewa 19 because it is saturated because the band is from Surabaya was rarely appear on the stage musical homeland. However, when the matter confirmed the news, frontman 19 Dewa, Dhani claimed to not know nothing about the issues that will leave saying Once Dewa 19. The owner of artist management, Republic of Love, said he has yet to announce any plans.

Likewise with Ahmad Dhani, Andra also admitted to not knowing the reason why Once back from Dewa 19. Guitarist Dewa 19's did not want to say much when interviewed at the event Powerful.

Once it true back from Dewa 19? Syamsul Huda, manager and the people closest to argue the issue of Ahmad Dhani of Dewa 19 Once pullback. According to the present the band remains solid.

"That's a lie, so far Once penah not want to talk to resign, they are fine, no retreat. Anyway fasts on ngegosipin doing like this," he said

Well lo, mutually aja nih personnel gods, as the original Balarama bit disappointed really. Is it possible that because of the tig Dhani? Only those who know.

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