Rabu, 01 September 2010

Heboh Video Keong Racun Jojo Dan Sinta

Jojo and Sinta may have never thought that if they are sticking a video on youtube, conch Poisons will boom and make their sudden celebrity as the last few days. their appearance in the electronic media more or less also will provide their good fortune. What is your opinion about a video-style conch friend Jojo Sprott Poison?

Can not be denied again, this time the conch poison into something very terrible in the world of entertainment, especially in Indonesia. Many things associated with one of the snail toxin Racunn Keongg videos, songs snail poison, youtube download snail toxins or poisons to decorate the top of internet users search coil in Indonesia. This is of course because of two sexy teens from Bandung Sprott Jojo with lipsync on Youtube just to beat the original singers of fame.

Actually, the emergence of video on Youtube Sprott Jojo was about a month ago, but somehow the last few days of their new video is opposed by several parties, including the original singer Lissa who? Maybe? Sprott less known than Jojo. To the people, hilarious and funny performances from Sprott conch Poisons Jojo in the video might be more fun. That is currently being catapulted a sexy girl from Bandung that lately.

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