Rabu, 08 September 2010

Ada beberapa Orang Penyebar Video Ariel

Head of Public Information (Head of passengers) Kombes Marwoto Soeto Pol said, had four people upload pornographic videos of artists who have been arrested.

It was announced by Marwoto at Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Monday (26 / 7). "It's only adding to the three people who become suspects, the sum of all four people," he said.

The fourth man was RJ, U.S., BT and SR. "That is not, two people who do not hold that R and CP," explained Marwoto.

Kabid passenger said as yet know what the motive upload. Police earlier arrested three students who allegedly uploading a pornographic video. All three were arrested in Bandung.

As we know RJ is the music editor of a predetermined band Peterpan become suspects first. Today, RJ's official arrested in South Jakarta Police earlier arrested after police in Bandung.

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