Selasa, 23 November 2010

Hunch, Lady Gaga Miss. AMA

For the Little Monsters (fans of Lady Gaga), perhaps the American Music Award 2010 a little disappointing. Because the GAGA just successfully won the awards for Best Pop Female only, whereas usually GaGa always dominate awards events.

Plus, the predicate Artist of the Year won by Justin Bieber, who had been 'compete' with it in a variety of awards and in terms of popularity.

Lady GaGa own claim to have got a bad feeling that night that 'not too successful' this. In the morning, GAGA dropped her false eyelashes, and accidentally, this eyelash 'nyemplung' into his coffee.

"What a morning that 'promise' when your eyelashes fall into Folgers (coffee)," wrote GAGA in Twitter account.

Is it really that this feeling is not present in the AMA GAGA?

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