Rabu, 24 November 2010

Maria Ozawa "Miyabi" Main Di Indonesia Naik Delman

A lot of controversy about the arrival of Maria Ozawa or commonly called "Miyabi". to Indonesia. There are some that support it denounced come to Indonesia, as the audience comments following news:

"Hahaha .. on missed yaaa?? Animashaun hell attitude lo all! Udah rich most bener aja lo on.'s Turn already filmed boasting dah lo.
Self-correction each wrote was before judging other people ugly ... Sister Maria Ozawa is also contributing in promoting the film Indonesia loh! and NOT FILM BOKEP! A blue movie brain thinkers GROSS! "

"Go on the straight ... please ... a winding monggo,,, correction of personal masing2 evaluation n,,,"

"Ajh new disaster hit Indonesia.
already started to want to sin, instead of a little reflection .. "

Miyabi or Maria Ozawa's visit to Indonesia in October 2010. Mixed-blood women of Japan and Canada had come to their homeland to carry out filming the movie 'Ghost Land coachman'. In one scene, Miyabi fun wagon ride. Let's ride again voyeur Miyabi gig...

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