Senin, 01 November 2010

Mount Merapi Erupts, Mbah Maridjan Died

No stopping - stopping Indonesia hit by the disaster. Disaster Merapi volcano erupts take casualties and one of them is the key to trim the jury Ki Surakso Hargo or better known as Mbah Maridjan, the death mbah Marijan contain grief and curiosity as well as Mbah Maridjan died in a prostrate position.

In the funeral Mbah Marijan Sri Sultan HB X King sultan's palace, sending his sister and her eldest daughter GBPH Prabukusumo GKR Pembayun to attend the funeral Mbah Marijan, a palace servant who until his death served as caretaker of Merapi. Mbah Marijan funeral procession itself lasted a simple, yet attended by some 1,000 mourners.

Gusti Prabu in response stated that the cemetery is back Kraton also berbelasungkawa upper left Mbah Marijan. ''He is so faithful to keep the mandate of the palace to keep the culture palace on the slopes of Merapi to the end of his life,''said Gustavo King.

Mbah Marijan Srunen was buried Thursday in Hamlet, Village Glagahharjo, Cangkringan. Mbah Marijan family ancestry and common indeed buried there, including grandparents Mbah Marijan named Parto Setiko.

Mbah Marijan four relatives who were also killed on Monday the Merapi eruption also buried in the TPU Srunen it. They are Ngudi (brother-in-law Mbah Marijan), Nurudi (Ngudi deceased child), and Mursiam and Nurul (toddlers age 2.5 years).

Wife Mbah Marijan, Ponirah (73 years) attended the funeral of her husband this. In addition to the family, it appears also present Sleman Regent Sri Purnomo. A prominent NU in Sleman, Noor Jamil, when the funeral procession Mbah Maridjan, invites the entire audience praying for all victims of Mount Merapi.

Menopo''Mbah Marijan niku tiyang sae? (Is it Mbah Maridjan good people?)''Said Noor Jamil, asked the audience of mourners. Sae'',''about the same congregation of mourners give the answer.

Before the funeral Mbah Marijan, 20 bodies of other victims buried in mass Merapi in TPU Sidorejo Hamlet, Village Umbulharjo, District Cangkringan. The funeral was led directly Regent Sri Purnomo. The bodies included a large tomb in a rut. Then the bodies are already included in the coffin was placed in a row two.

In the cemetery was given the names of deceased marker. ''We're all grieving over this disaster. Hopefully this incident to be a student and the future worth of Mount Merapi disaster management could be better,''said Regent of Sleman.

They are buried in bulk is Sarno Utomo, Imam Nurkholis, Slamet Widodo, Priest / Rahmat, Mrs Emi, Ny Mufita, Andriyanto, Cipto Sumarjo, Cipto Sumarjo, Ny Sunarti aka Yunarti, Ny Sarworejo, Wiyono, Ny Pujo, Muji / Adi Wiyono , and Harno Wiyono, Sugiman, Sadjiman, Mrs. Puji Sarono, Wahono Suketi, and Suranto.

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