Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010

Aida deliberately spit Shame By Popularity?

The news that had rocked the world of Indonesian artist, Aida Saskia, his life is now changed. Since the dismantling disgrace raped Zainuddin MZ, dangdut singer became a movie star. Even so, Aida raped was denied recognition by mere popularity.

"I still care about baseball people would say. The purpose of me when I first opened this problem has also been accused of not looking for popularity. So I still have regular practically always looking for controversy, "said Aida.

Pedangdut who started the careers of these teens argued, her pick the talent and kemampuang acting. Not only rely on popularity alone.

"I can play movies and can offer because I really can act. I also have to go through the process of casting, together with the other. There is no privilege for me. If I had talent in acting baseball, baseball might have offered me acting, "he explained.

For Aida, the pros and cons in the community do not have to mess around because she can not force people to always give a positive assessment.

"I also baseball can keep thinking about people's opinions. The important thing is I now want to live comfortably and quietly with what must I live. That alone is enough. Now I want to get up. I want tunjukin to everyone if I diff the same old me. I also want to prove to my parents, I could get up from the past, "he said.

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