Sabtu, 23 Oktober 2010

Perkelahian Siswi Sekolah Menengah

Just weird behavior of children today. There is little problem with mutual friends at the finish, kick, and slam. That fight two students in the field of General Sudirman, Takalar, South Sulawesi, which recorded via mobile phone camera. Instead of immediately intervene, a number of other students actually fun to watch the fight, including elementary school students. The fight ended after a few people that separated the two girls.

In the video, obviously not the school name printed on both female student uniform. However, allegedly one of the two vocational school students in Takalar. Video fight was now scattered among the students. Generally, the students lamented the student's actions. "It has no morals, no shame being seen," said Wahida, one student, Thursday (21/10).

Then how the attitude of the school "We're going to browse. We call her parents," said Vice Principal SMK 2 Takalar Nasrul.

Until now, the cause of the fight was not yet known. However, whatever the motive for the fight, the school will crack down and penalize them. From

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