Sabtu, 05 Juni 2010

Artika Sari Devi, Tidak Pakai Bra ???

Artika Sari Devi daughter of former Indonesian, Maintaining the beauty of the body including the breast is very important.
He always chose a cotton bra and fit, so comfortable to wear. However, when she's sleeping more enjoyable without a bra.

The first time you wear a bra, Artika was uncomfortable and disturbed. Bra makes it free to move. "It was a junior and used to wear mini-sets. When wearing a bra kok strange, disturbing for sports," he said. mothers should also be diligent in providing explanations about the need to wear a bra, so Artika finally realized.

At first he did not care about the type, shape, or material that covers the chest. "I prefer a soft cotton bra, perfect when worn," said the girl's birth Pangkalpinang, September 29, 1979.
In choosing a bra, she also does not exclude aesthetic considerations, such as choosing a design or model.

Sometimes he would wear underwire bras, especially when wearing a party dress or evening gown that requires protrusion of the breast. "Kind of bra is not appropriate for day-to-day. Because of underwire bras, leather never hurt my chest. That's because the stitches broke and the wire out," said the owner's full name is Puan Artika Sari Devi.

Healthy bra line with a soft and safe for the skin, especially on a string. Artika so far, quite a lot of cases of irritation because the material does not fit in the leather bra. In addition to comfortable, BH should also be able to keep the breasts and the movement and shock when traveling. He does not deny that the price and brand bra bra in determining kualitasnyaSebaiknya not too loose or too tight. As much as possible also select stitching neat, strong, and not too many ornaments, such as lace, which can cause irritation to the skin, said her bra size is 34.

Care and treatment of breast, he added, are also important. Ordinary one who lived naked bras while sleeping. Breasts should also be given time to enjoy the freedom, after a day of closed BH. He himself felt more relaxed about it. For him, it does not harm the health and beauty of the breast.

"I also move freely when sleeping, leaning to the left or right and not tied to a specific position on the earth's gravitational influence. But surely there can be prevented with routine maintenance, including massage," said the owner of 48 kg body weight and height is 170cm.
Massage done weeks, to keep the sagging breast fast. He also diligently perform breast self examination (conscious), in order to anticipate the possibility of early breast cancer.

But he said recently intensively in gossipkan Artika sari devi nude pose again, her picture in the dressing room showing the habit does not use the bra is now circulating on the Internet.
Artika admitted it was not a picture but we can see what it is not Artika sari devi or other participants .... see photo above Artika without the use of a bra,

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