Senin, 07 Juni 2010

Tante Hot Yuni Sara

Yuni Shara (born 3 June 1972 di Malang, East Java with complete name Wahyu Setyaning Budi) as actress and singer of Indonesia. She have old sister Krisdayanti. Her mother name is Rachma Widadiningsih.

Yuni Shara was born as Wahyu Setyaning Budi in Batu, Malang. Her first began at a music festival called Bintang Radio and Television Festival in 1987, when he was 15 years, won 2nd place. In 1989, he participated in the festival and managed to win 1st place. That’s where he was offered a recording contract by Billboard magazine. Yuni Shara released her first album in 1990 titled Jatuh Cinta lagi which means love in English again. In 1991, released another album entitled hilang Permataku, launched in 1992, Salah Tingkah. His career culminated with the publication of minutes tiada Why Maaf in 1995. The album sold 1.5 million copies and gave it to BASF 4 Platimun Records. She also received more than 3 Platinum Records Indonesian version of the soundtrack of the television series of martial arts Return of the Condor Heroes.

Yuni Shara choice of songs popular old melancholic songs, an example is the Keroncong style. But his career was interrupted at a standstill due to an increase in the new pop band rather than a public call for young people.

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