Sabtu, 05 Juni 2010

Foto Hot ModelTertinggi Di Dunia

To become a professional model, height is one of height if persyaratannya.Tapi been excessive if there could be a model ..? Sure can.

Eve, an American model who was also the highest in the world model is jawabannya.Tingginya a 2 meter and 5-cm (6-feet 7-inches). She is also the tallest woman who ever appeared on the cover of an Australian men's magazine Zoo Weekly.

To show off the physical size of the extraordinary, she poses next to a model of the 1.62 meters tall Australian in photoshoots.

According to Zoo Weekly editor Paul Merrill, bikini she had custom made loh. But what's wrong with her wearing a bikini if a smaller size for photoshoots? seem to be better.

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