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Foto Hot Chintya Alona

Chintya Alona Brave berfose Bugil Telanjang, Alona Chintya very Beautiful and sexy, Alona Chintya known as Hot Artists And Models Indonesia, Many Fose and good pictures to the Internet Always showing his body beauty, Wow ...

There may also not know who Cynthiara Alona because it's new artist was not too popular in the world arena of Indonesian artists. But definitely doi been playing in several soap operas such as "Divine Confidential", "Door Divine", also at the buffoonery "Ngelaba". But what makes doi become very "popular" among maniacs courage pornography Indonesia is appearing naked in front of the camera professionally.

More powerful infotainment television here is that Indonesia is usually tacky abis in preaching ria berbugil artists on the internet seems to be cool calm, proved the stupidity of the press infotainment today as in my previous opinions, or maybe they could just find an existing news from journalists other? No wonder one infotainment content is not much different from the other infotainment.

After Julia Perez case and Rahma Azhari Cynthiara Alona looks as new entrants are not to be outdone by willingly photographed naked and showing her breasts shapes that seemed to have injected silicone because obviously too large and shape is not symmetrical.
On one occasion in Indosiar Talk Show Cynthiara once said that Doi was more "on fire", yesterday appear on Indosiar, blak2an Amendment admit one night stand, prey cowo2 handsome & UNCLE HUSSAIN, his favorite play in the living room, ga like strings attached, just shredded immediately. Ugh, makes the heart beat more just.

The following biographical data and statistics from Alona refer Cynthiara of Cool

Call Name: CYNTHIA
Date of Birth: Jakarta, June 8, 1985
TB / BB: 168 CM / 45 KG
Shirt Size: S Pants: S BRA: 36C Shoe: 36
Last Education: Business Economics NUS (National University of Singapore).
Occupation: Model, Actress
Hobbies: Photos and Acting
Sinetron: -:-SECRET -: -, -:-GATE-DIVINE: -, -: - NGELABA -: --
ADVERTISING: LippoBank (1998), Busty Cream Nyonya Meneer (2003), MIE Easy (2004), EQ Diapers (2004), SABUN BU CREAM WASH (2005)

Although the photo or photos of hot naked Chintya Alona So Much, but as a professional model she jugamenunjukan of an artist Artistic photography, not just naked pose Chyntia Aloana Doing so beautiful, because beauty is a woman's body in a special beauty photography. Apbalagi Alona Chyntya beautiful model who has a beautiful body is so beautiful, so sexy and very stunning, Where men who did not want to even enjoy the beauty of her body, like Hannya subuah Fotography.

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