Selasa, 08 Juni 2010

Dewi Persik Pernah Merekam Adegan Hotnya

Unfinished splashy news about porno video Cut Tari or Luna Maya with Ariel, surprisingly Dewi Persik make a confession that he had to record that in doing sex scenes with her ex-husband once, Saipul Jamil.

"Never before (record a sex scene) same time Ipul bang, but baseball until that how so. But now there's been baseball.'ve Been deleted. That's when I was a child, mas understand baseball," said Dewi, laughing when contacted okezone, Tuesday (08/06/2010).

As someone who had recorded a sex scene with her husband, Devi admits, there is a separate sensation when the recording scene with an intimate partner.

"The sensation, if we do it occasionally making love outside of our usual conditions. Something different. Expression. Well, that's the main attraction to create personal videos," explained pedangdut this section.

Though experiencing record intimate scenes with Ipul, Goddess grateful tape has been removed. Because, apparently destined another said. Wedding Goddess and Ipul ended in divorce.

"If I do, make something (to record an intimate relationship) because her husband was sometimes baseball forever. If only God's eternal soul mate who knows mas. Our hearts are not necessarily the same with our spouses hearts. Is not there a saying, if supposing siblings Segoro water. If husband or the couple can divorce, but if you can not divorce because like water Segoro, "beber Goddess.

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