Sabtu, 05 Juni 2010

Luna Maya Iklas Tentang Video Mesum Dirinya

There's a saying "The higher the tree, also faster winds that blow", it seems the adage that make overcoming strong luna maya gossip storm that hit him. Since fame in the entertainment world, his name incessantly affected not tasty gossip. Now, this beautiful artist even been linked with similar porn videos of her that bloom circulating in cyberspace. And once again, Luna relaxed response thereto. For him it's all just a mere slander.

"It used to slander," he said when met after the short program brings GREAT music events at RCTI Studio, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta, Friday (4 / 6) morning.

Recognized Luna, herself had not seen the video. But he stressed that people in the video it was not him. "It was, it was not Bener," he said. "Not to see. Not to comment. Yeah, I'm shocked really. I hope everything ...," she continued with the sentence suspended.

Problem tattoo dolphin picture painted in the left thigh of people in the video is also so strong rebuttal evidence Luna. "No (shaking his head). I hope I've been .... Yes, I ikhlasin aja," he said.

Ariel Peterpan own lover was eager to investigate the problem. He intends to find out who the person who has been brutally memfitnahnya. But as mentioned about the demands, the artist who had claimed to have never felt this sexy body shook his head.

"No deh, tired. Kayak Gini, we sincerely aja. I ikhlasin aja. Hopefully that ngebales deh Lord, amen. Thanks," he added directly into the Mercedes Benz ML 350 SUV that silver berplat number B 523 QW.

Meanwhile, Olga Syahputra as a friend who always accompanied her fellow presenters brought GREAT program's only comment was, "Poor bo," and then straight into his car.

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