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Tante Hot sophia Latjuba

Who doesn't know this artist, Sophia Latjuba was born in West Berlin, August 8, 1970. The former soap star was initiated Lux wide-screen acting in the movie stripes regret in 1987.
Sophia Latjuba familiar woman is also known as a model, presenter, commercials, and singer. Several solo albums and duetnya with ex-husband, Indra Lesmana, well known, such as tembang Hold On receiving the award Best Video Clip in Brasou, Romania.

His relationship with Indra makes more honed her singing skills. Even Sophia Latjuba managed to snatch the award Arrangment BASF Award for Best Album of 1994 JUST FOR YOU, Video Music Indonesia (VMI) Award, Runner Up for “Best Video Clip” for tembang not let.

Women who read this hobby has also brought the song ‘Jimmy’ from the group Dewa, ‘Orchid Moon’ creations A. Riyanto Christophe latest album, DECADE, which collects old songs from every decade, since the 1940s until 2000.

Ayu Sophia Latjuba’s face also appeared in several ads such as Reject Wind, Betadine, Country Viesta, Digitec Turbo, and advertising Pariwara latest beauty soap dilakoninya with her daughter, Eva Celia Lesmana. Sophia Latjuba has also appeared in several soap operas: DEAR admission, a rose, I DO NOT SINNER, reversed ASMARA (FTV), EYE HEART (FTV), ROPE LOVE, and THE TWINS.

On December 18, 2005, Sophia Latjuba married pregnant with her lover, American men, Michael Anthoni Villareal, who was still bound by his wife, Ellen Louisa Ibbotson.

Marriage is a second marriage who was married to Sophia Latjuba Indra Lesmana on May 31, 1992. Sophia Latjuba was then 22-year-old still had to face the fact that she was pregnant before marriage. Until his first daughter, Eva, born 21 September 1992. Now his daughter, Natasha Manuella Sophia Latjuba Azizah makes life more complete.

Sophia Latjuba was currently active in the field of education and social, and distance learning menjalai Neuro Science Department at the University Vermint, America.

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