Minggu, 28 November 2010

Ananda Mikola Melamar Marcella Zalianty

The national racer, Ananda Mikola want to show the seriousness of the lover with the courage to propose Zalianty Marcella, the woman who nearly two years dipacarinya.

Located at the residence of the mother Marcella Ciganjur Zalianty in the region, South Jakarta, the event took place enclosed application and only attended by family and closest relatives of both bride and groom.

Couple this profession seems harmonious difference with flowers patterned dress. With a radiant face after attending a traditional ceremony in the application process, Ananda also share the story to reporters who were waiting. "The procession of the application was more tense than race," he told the show Celebrities on SCTV Hello, Monday (8 / 11).

Men born 21 April 1980 it claimed to have 14 years like daughter Liz Indrianti Tetty it. "Naksirnya of the first accomplished in 1996 just now. It's hard and happy together," he said.

As a sign of seriousness peningset or love Ananda Mikola to Marcella, she gave a pair of gold earrings inlaid with precious stones, as well as original shawl Sumatra. "His mother gave Anand a peningset of earrings and scarves. It is a tradition of Sumatra, Marcella clear.

If there is no obstruction, December 7, touted as their wedding day. The ceremony will be held at the Masjid At-Tin, Complex Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, East Jakarta. Meanwhile, a reception will be held at the Sentul Circuit, Bogor, West Java.

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