Senin, 29 November 2010

Pasha Ungu Resmi Melamah Sang Kekasih

Amid tight schedule Purple, Pasha steal time to make the event application. Pasha was relieved to have asked Delia Wilhelmina as a candidate for his new wife.

The event took place during the day, Sunday (11/28/2010) at the residence of the parents Delia, Jl Margacinta, Stone Fruit, Bandung. After they finished beramah hearted with family, Pasha and Delia also held a news conference.

Purple vocalist, Pasha officially apply for the beloved Delia Wilhelmina on Sunday last Sunday. However, until now Pasha has not set a date for his marriage to Delia Wilhelmina.

Pasha's father, Said Syamsudin admitted his side will hold a meeting again with the family of Delia in the near future. In pertamuan that, they intend to discuss the wedding date.

"After this we are meeting up again to set a date," he said when met after Syamsudin Said Pasha and application events on Jl Margacinta Delia, Stone Fruit, Bandung, on Sunday (28/11/2010).

Syamsudin Said Pasha's hope the second marriage can be eternal. He wanted to be a faithful companion Delia son.

"I hope this is the first party last she find a mate," said Syamsudin.

Pasha had previously revealed she wants to marry 21-year-old woman in January 2011. But, Delia parties feel good wedding date Pasha and Delia fell in March 2011.

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