Minggu, 21 November 2010

Photo Hot Paha Artist Melinda

Melinda, was one of dangdut singer who is also an Indonesian artist. Some of the soap opera he ever play is "Eclipse, tuyul Millennium, Safekeeping Divine, celebrity I'm in Love, Babe Doyan Married, Laughter afternoon, Kok Gitu sich, Beauty and The Patas Bus, Abdel and Temon, and Lady Jet Set Astro" broadcast in Malaysia and Singapore.

One of Melinda accomplishments as a singer dangdut, massive SUCCEED selected as ambassadors in the sector in 2008 then.

Early November 2009, Melinda, BECAUSE HE called, a new released single, Love One Night, uh That was taken from the sixth album. Kali's husband bringing home massive dangdut genre, genre Husband Because He thinks the New Media more identical young.

From the singing, the Frequently husband's name will appear Melinda World glance Start acting. He got a chance to test the ability of film acting Kuntilanak Canada.

Success brings dangdut music genre, Melinda Want to now switch to the pop music channel. The reason for ITU regular regular step no other genre massive because to see it as a challenge The New singer idolized singer Ruth and Vina Panduwinata.

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