Senin, 01 November 2010

Kate Moss Topless Photos on the Beach Together Girlfriend

News of celebrity has always been a concern to many people, especially news that a little "skewed". Kate Moss apparently one of the most common models show off her body. Recently, she posed topless with her boyfriend Jamie Hince, guitarist for the band The Kills.

As reported by The Sun, last month, Kate Moss with Jamie flew to St. Louis. Barts, the Caribbean for a magazine photo shoot melakoni fasyen. In one photograph, the British model was seen showing off his chest in front of the camera, while, she seemed to play sand in her stomach.

Kate dating news with Jamie has been circulating since March 2008. However, until recently, Kate who was dating Pete Doherty, always silent about its relationship with Jamie.

Rounding out Kate, recently, a British model that has just stricken. Her house in London disatroni thief. She also reportedly suffered losses of U.S. $ 360 thousand or approximately USD 3.3 billion.

The loss is suffered because there are three objects of art are stolen the thief. The thieves entered her house on Thursday ... early days.

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