Rabu, 08 September 2010

Rossa Rilis Album Baru Di Bulan Ramadhan

Rossa singer launches new album in the month of Ramadan. The album titled 'Harmony Interwoven tone and story' that is claimed to be his best album for doing business in the world singing. "On this album there are 14 songs, is arguably his best album Rossa," said 31-year-old singer during her album launch at the Hard Rock Cafe, Central Jakarta, Monday (30 / 8) night

Rossa release latest album 'Harmony Interwoven tones and Stories'. Has spawned many albums and scored hits, Rossa has not dared tried ability to create song.

"I think I made the same talents Enda (Purple guitarist) and Jimmy Bondoc. Make me, why do baseball if they have to sing. I could be your inspiration and happiness of others," said Rossa encountered in the Hard Rock Cafe, Jakarta, Monday (30 / 8 / 2010).

In the ninth album was, Rossa presents 14 songs. 11 songs picked from among the pledged hitsnya soundtrack. "This is exactly the best of his Rossa. From the album Tough until now," the promo.

In working on the album, the former wife Yoyok 'Paddy' was assisted Enda, Melly, and Anto Hoed. In fact, the song Heart of What You're Hurt made the work of Enda mainstay hits.

Of all the songs on the album, widow of one of the most loved children's songs Enda Hugging the Moon's creation. Songs that the process of making just two hours, said Rossa, a simple song.

"There are words that I like, with you like a hug months. Make me, the song simple and everyone can feel its meaning," he said.

New songs on the album is planned to be offered to the production house to be used as soundtrack, like 11 other songs.

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