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Artis Muda Berbakat Cinta Laura

Love Laura, a beautiful artist Quakenbrück born August 17, 1993, this German childhood through adolescence he spent abroad following the duties of his father, General Manager of Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Born and raised in foreign countries, making love is unique compared to artists in general. Dialect and accent mixed between Indonesian and English. However, this characteristic that makes the figure of Love is more easily recognizable.

His career in the entertainment industry, like most other celebrity that starts from the world model. When I was 13 years old, he became one of Top Model finalist in 2006. After participating in the selection process, mulatto girl Indonesia - Germany was declared victorious.

Winning a top model, making it contracted MD Entertainment, producer of famous soap operas. However, thanks to smooth yet cas cis CUS in the Indonesian language, Love could not shoot straight. Moreover, he had no experience acting. During the first four months of the contract, he spent the time to learn Indonesian language, as well as trained to play a role.

Once deemed ready, Love began to appear on the screen in 2007. Soap opera soap opera premiere that they do is called Cinderella (What Love Is Just Dream?). Uniquely, she played the character size, the figure of a girl who named the same with him.
Love seems to successfully play the role of "Love" in the soap opera of Cinderella. Therefore, he is able to reach viewers choice predicate Ngetop artist on SCTV Awards 2007 event. He even set aside the other nominees, Marshanda, Shireen Sungkar, and Nia Ramadhani.
Success on the show premieres, making love again got the title role for four soap operas. The four are entitled Love, I Love You, Oh Baby!, And Upik Ash and Laura. Like the first soap opera, the next four soap operas also managed to siphon attention of viewers.

Although successful audience's attention, the career of the world's soap opera Love apparently did not take place smoothly. He has been involved with the production house feuds, MD Entertainment corresponding contract already signed up could lead to court. In July 2008, MD sue because the alleged contract violates Love.

After several hearings, the court decided to Love guilty for not fulfill the c
ontract. At age was 15 years old, she must pay compensation for losses of Rp 1.7 billion. However, he was given a choice: pay the fine or clean up the remaining work. Love finally chose resolve liabilities, although still appeal.

Pawal 2010, the goddess of justice in favor of Love. Appeals court ruling in the High Court of Love in winning the dispute. High Court decided that the Indo-looking girls do not violate the labor contract, and not have to pay a fine.

After quite popular in the world of soap operas, daughter and partner Michael Kiehl Herdiana try their luck in the arena of singing. In addition to soap operas to sing Oh Baby, Oh Baby and the Baby We Can Do It, Love also fill in the soap opera song Upik Ash and Laura You Say AQ entitled. He also collaborated with The Rock Indonesia in the title of the song Umbrella.
In 2009, in addition to starring in soap operas still Tears of Love, he also continued to develop their careers on the stage singing. In fact, unmitigated action. Duo Maia, the group took love artist famous singers sang together in Love Traitor.

Year 2010, Love hit the entertainment world with the release of her new album titled Love or Money. Here the rhythmic beat Love taking primacy. He maximized his love of dance in the video clips.

The new album that he releases received rave mainstays Love proven track perched on the main line of the national charts in television and radio stations. Love the new album sales is also working with one of the famous fast-food restaurant in Indonesia.
Love is just love to dance made him an icon is selected events in the Dance Off AXN television station in late January 2010.

Fame as one of the new artist, then became a star Love advertising some products, such as Pucelle, Marimas, XL, Samsung, and Extra Joss Wine.

In between the busy filming soap operas and singing commercials EF English courses are also taught English children who can not afford.

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