Rabu, 01 September 2010

Heboh Foto Liar Aurelie Moremans Di Atas Kasur, Benarkah?

Photos kisses Aurelie Moremans and Roby Tremonty, and Aurelie Photo Moremans wild on a mattress much more splashy circulating on the internet and the many people who are looking for gossip fans.

The young actress, Aurelie Moremans now being dogged by problems both with her parents, the virgin birth of Brussels, Belgium, August 8, 1993 were allegedly dicuki her brain by her lover.

The allegations were raised by their own parents when contacted by reporters, Wednesday yesterday, according to Sri Sunarti, her boyfriend is not a good man figure,
"Roby is not a figure of a good man,"
Aurelie also said that mention had been brainwashed by Roby, so now more wild and not according to parents.

Sri explained as parents do not want their children things happen unwanted, and she has been pregnant and parenting since childhood.

"As a parent I am entitled to protect my child from things that are not desirable," he said.

Sri also admitted storing the photographs of wild and Aurelie pose wearing only a tight T-shirts and jumped into the kiss photograph above the mattress, as evidence in the report.

It also has complained about it to the National Commission for the Protection of Children and Kak Seto permerhati children over what happened to that half-bred artist.

Meanwhile, Aurelie own mother denies it, the figure Roby says, is that a good male figure, since a year ago for a relationship, he and Roby no problem.

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