Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Foto Hot Erika Kirihaha

Already in the know yet who the Erika Kirihara? It is played in the Arisan Brondong movie unison Bella Saphira that so auntie-cougar. It turns out that Erika kirihara porn star Japanese JAV loh. Many must have a ga know if she was far different guns with Miyabi and Rin Sakuragi. Huff, and of course the bloggers, including me also kecele. I new him fit again this afternoon googling nyari news hot. Eh turned out to info about porn star Erika Kirihara films in Indonesia, Arisan Bronwen.

Here are hot photos of Erika Kirihara that I took from various sources on the Internet. When googling, it turns out this kirihara erika so many sites discussed in Japanese mucus. How so well, we missed ma porn stars on this one. Unfortunately very well, how come all the way to take porn star from Japan but still a lot of stock in the country, for example Ayu Anjani. . hihihi just kidding .. lol ...

Now what Erika hot photo above Kirihara, sexy ga. If dibandingin with miyabi or rin sakuragi or girl is also wanted by Selly Yustiawati where more beautiful? hehhe ...

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