Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Foto Hot Mahasiswi Bogor

Maybe it's a lot of bloggers who have been preaching this. Posting this time for those who do not know this news. It's her naked photo Clara Adelin Supit circulating on facebook. Clara is a student Adelin Supit bogor, re-add list to cyber crime. Ironically his good intentions to help his friend even so disastrous for him. Nude pictures now circulating Clara aka Adelin Supit Dewi Sartika (23 years).

The photos were not lost to an uproar with "Foto Hot Anak SMP" and "Fofo hot Aura Kasih" who has been circulating in cyberspace first.

The story of the Clark asked for help by a friend named Misly who claimed that his girlfriend used to and the only way to cure that is see beautiful girls nude photos.Maybe guns tegaan see his pleading so, would the Clara Adelin Supit agreed to the photo all over his body without a benangpun aka naked.

Now Clara Adelin Supit nude photos hottest issue in the blogosphere. Clara Adelin Supit seize the attention of bloggers. I also gained so, simply add the idea of ​​posting aja. Anyway also through this postinganku if can remind all my friends that "do not be naked before the camera"under any circumstances.

Until now students Binus, Clara Adelin Supit still experiencing severe shock. This was disclosed by his mother when met at his home in Ciparigi, Bogor. The case has been handled Supit Adelin Clara police. We await further news.

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