Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

Syahrini Digugat 400 Juta

Syahrini been reported to the authorities by the Blue Eyesof the alleged breach of contractual agreement to fill out their birthday party on the island ,Bali . According to Henry Pangaribuan, SH, attorney Blue Eyes, Syahrini unilaterally canceled the contract, for personal reasons.

Along with the give it demands, the Blue Eyes also asked for compensation a sum of money, as a substitute for material loss or imateriil.

"So in fact if for example we subpoena Syahrini time we invent a consensus, if at that time he was in good faith, yes of course it is returned. But now the problem is more widespread. It means that if each of us showing our ego, we also have rights," said Henry when met at his office in the area of ​​Radio Dalam, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (29 / 3).

"So according to the contents of our lawsuit, we propose and imateriil material loss. If the material loss, because we also pay for a replacement artist, so in total it has around 200 million more. That loss of material. We jugasudah ya tired, our minds are devoted to the problem this. We ask for this compensation, ask for a replacement imateriil 100% of material loss. So, all around Rp400juta so, "he explained.

Henry confirmed that it had sent a subpoena, but unfortunately the Syahrini not give a positive response.
"Well, that's what we pity. Logically hell they should be more proactive to come to us. But instead we were then, no follow-up of them. Yes, like silence. There is no desire to solve problems," he said.

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