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Debby Ayu Profile and Hot Photos

May not many are familiar figure Debby Ayu? He is a newcomer actress quite successfully attracted sympathy because many people either acting or his face is beautiful. Who is he? Pancallok trying to figure out their profile Debby Ayu hotnya photographs.

Debby Ayu is the familiar call of a woman born in Bandar Lampung, August 7, 1988 full name Debby Ayu Novitasari Agustine. He is the only child of the couple's father and mother Darilsyah Darlia. Early in his career starting from the modeling, which corresponds to hobbynya.Pertama appearances on television as part of programs to fill a dawn in one of the private TV station in Jakarta. And in 2007, he decided to stay settled in Jakarta.

Debby Ayu Profile:
Full Name: Debby Ayu Novitasari Agustine
Call: Debby
Place / Date of Birth: Bandar Lampung, August 7, 1988
Parents: Darilsyah. B & Darlisa
Hobbies: Shopping
Film: Married By Accident (MBA) (2008), Marriage Contract Again (2008), The Threatening Prayer (2008), implant Pocong (2009), Tiran: Dead Diranjang (2010), Blue Beach Bride (2010), 13 Ways Calling Satan (2010), Jenglot South Beach (2011)
FTV: Flowers, Do not Go From me, boyfriend Refills, Between me, You and Love
Sinetron: That, Achieving Dreams
Favorite Feature: Internet

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