Kamis, 07 April 2011

Selly Yustiawati Si Penipu Yang Seksi Tertangkap

South Denpasar police managed to capture the Selly Yustiawati during a holiday with his girlfriend. They were arrested at the hotel the Amaris, Kuta, Bali.

Just a reminder about the actions undertaken by Selly fraud through social networking sites last year is by offering investment through business credit. To deceive their victims, Selly promising profits doubled to victims. However, after the victim to transfer some money to their account, Selly immediately launched a thousand aliases vague stance leg.

Some of the victims who managed to hit circumvention Selly action cute girl 26-year-old, came from various regions, among them are from Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Tangerang, and also several other cities.

Selly Yustiawati Lawyers (25), Ramdhan Alam, said the fraud case involving her clients in Bandung, West Java, is not a pure fraud. The reason, Selly only borrow money from three victims and that the loan money was spent to have fun with the victim.

Selly deceptive trick-Action Yustiawati (25) in Bogor, West Java, apparently not only carries the name Concerned Vica as a victim of fraud by mode cheap mobile phone business and harm Vica up to Rp 10 million. Apparently, Selly also had almost fool Mia, a friend of Vica, with the same mode in January 2010. Thus disclosed Soraya (28), a friend of Vica, who knows Selly and a witness in this case.

Soraya, Vica, and Mia is a new group of close friends who were acquainted with a few days when women's Selly is located in Bogor. Furthermore, Soraya told chronologically by Selly at their meeting in Bogor.
On January 30, 2010, Vica call Soraya and demanded money of Rp 10 million for mobile phone business. 

However, deposits made through the two accounts into accounts owned by brother Vica BRI and Bank Mandiri account in the name of Selly Yustiawati. "When I transfer I was not suspicious at all because I need a friend, and I know the account of her brother. But if that is Selly I have no idea who, but I was not suspicious," said Soraya.

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