Kamis, 07 April 2011

Foto Melinda Dee Cewek Seksi Pembobol Citybank

A news that is being discussed this time is about the existence of a burglary of money 17 billion at Citibank who dilaukukan by a beautiful girl named Melinda Dee or often known by the name of the burglary suspects MD.Melinda a customer account citibank.Pastinya you all curious about the photo Melinda Dee or photos MD? 

Turns out he is a lovely addition to a figure girl in the world financial scene was discussed melinda dee currently also being discussed in the fuel absorbed by the emergence of some sexy photos Melinda Dee and attracted the attention of many virtual world. Seen some photos of melinda dee posing hot on a Ferrari car park arena by using the tight black clothes and also wearing glasses hitam.Ada also looked photos melinda dee-looking hot and sexy.

WartaNews, Jakarta - Beautiful woman had the initials MD (Melinda Dee) until today, Friday (1 / 4) is still under investigation The police investigation team, related the case of money laundering amounting to Rp17 billion customers.

Melinda Dee who worked at Citibank for 20 years, has a luxury vehicle, Hummer, Mercedes, and the two Ferraris, which is currently seized by the Police Public Relations Division Headquarters Polri.Kepala Police Inspector Anton Bahrul Alam, said the investigating team had managed to secure some vehicles suspected of the burglary-related crime bank customer's account, namely the two Ferraris and a Mercedes, was confiscated last night at two different locations, Pacific Place and Capital Recident, including the first Hummer car confiscated. And still there are five car again, still check it first, whether the other cars were the result of customers' money laundering, bright Kadiv PR Police Headquarters on Friday (1 / 4).

Furthermore, Anton said, maybe there's something else being chased, maybe it Alphard car.
Continued longer, if indeed there be a connection with the accounts and so on, results Alpard purchase, the purchase of the money, of course, will be confiscated as well, including some apartments owned by MD, explained. Head of Criminal Division of the Police Commissioner-General Ito Sumardi suspected fraud mode is also performed by Melinda in breaking into foreign bank customer fund this.

"Modus there are all kinds, there are a few yes, no skimming, of course, will also be subject to fraud as well," Ito said at Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Friday (4/1/2011).

So far, Melinda entangled with article 49 paragraph 1 and 2 of Law No. 10 of 1998 concerning banking, and / or Article 6 of Law No. 8 of 2010 on money laundering.

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