Rabu, 20 April 2011

Franky Sahilatua Meninggal Karena Sakit

Franky Sahilatua Died is the latest news where that franky is the singer died of cancer pain of bone marrow from the back and died at 15:35 hours at the hospital Medika Permata Hijau in Jalan Raya Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Barat.

Franky sahilatua died at the age of 51 years and leaves a wife named Herwantiningrum and two children respectively Ken Norka (17) and Hadidelani (13) and a mother named Theodora Yofefa Sahilatua.

A famous singer Franky Sahilatua 70'an year died of bone marrow cancer that is now in misery. Since Saturday, dated 16 April 2011 yesterday Franky Sahilatua hospitalized Permata Hijau, West Jakarta. Permata Hijau Hospital officials when asked for confirmation that Frank Sahilatua justify being treated there.

Franky Sahilatua who was born on August 16, 1953 in Surabaya that has long suffered from spinal cancer, even in 2010, Franky Sahilatua had also critical, to be flown to Singapore for further treatment at Singapore General Hospital. after being treated there, then note that Franky Sahilatua suffering from spinal cancer. According to sources Sahilatua Franky had died at 15:15 pm

Franky Sahilatua the fame as a duet with Jane Sahilatua which is none other than his sister. They both managed to produce up to 15 songs under the auspices of Jackson Record. Hits produced by Frank and Jane is the season of flowers, To the Wind and the Bird and the Man and the Moon. Franky news Sahilatua died no doubt be a pain in the world music scene Indonesia.

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