Jumat, 04 Februari 2011

Foto Bikini Aurel Dan Angel Lelga Di Pantai

Widely circulated photo bikini artist, Aurel and Angel Lelga together young singer who is also daughter of Anand Hermansyah. Many of us find foo-photos on the internet. The photo was berseting beautiful coastal scenery on the island of Gods, Bali.

Anand himself through his manager, Yuni justify if the photographs of women who use a bikini on the beach it was a picture of Aurel, along with her son Angel Lelga.

"Yes indeed it is the same Angel Lelga, it was not fitting the holidays, we were transiting aircraft fitted evening, the kids want to swim in, happened to see Angel, was in Kuta, Bali has long really. That right there is an event we have to transit in Bali , "Yuni said when contacted by reporters on Tuesday (01/02/2011).

In a free photo spread on the internet as much as 3 pieces, Angel appears wearing a red bikini, while son Kris Kristofferson and Sam was wearing a black bikini. Both seem cheerful over the sandy beach.

The second picture is clear both are experiencing the joy on the beach. Apparently, the photos were indeed taken by accident or candid.

Is the meeting between Angel and Aurel it is a deliberate action? "We're from the islands of Komodo kok, then transit to Bali. In Bali until one o'clock and a plane from Bali to Jakartanya at 10 evening, because we are still a long swim. So it was not deliberate,"said Yuni.

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