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Angelina Sondakh Tentang Almarhum Adjie Massaid

Puteri Indonesia 2001 who became the wife of the late Adjie Massaid, Angelina Sondakh, keep fond memories of Democratic politicians who died on Saturday (02/05/2011). Originally, Adjie who has a crush on Angelina, that's written on diarinya. Several times Adjie send greetings. However, Angelina Sondakh always tried not to respond to it.

Angelina Sondakh feel Adjie Massaid type kind-hearted man to everyone. Here is Angelina Sondakh notes on his blog about her husband, dated 25 January 2006, about a year after they married, Tribunnews.com quoted as saying on Saturday.

Adji Massaid (The man I once ignored). I know the name Adji Massaid long enough. His name was already familiar in the world of film and sinetron. But that is only limited to know and just know it. At that time we were both still be a candidate for the Democratic legeslatif. Party meetings, meetings - the party meetings and activities - activities at the party made us too often met. Especially on the occasion of the success of the Democratic candidates for President: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Honestly, when I did not know much about the personal life Adji and more than that it seems we both were not interested to want to get to know each other further. Our conversation was limited to job, never pass the privacy of their limits - each. It seemed we were both quite understand their position - each, so even if the topic should speak definitely not run away from the party and win the election.

Actually, the background of public figures who brought us to join the Democratic Party (we're invited by Sys NS to join in PD, thank you mas Sys). We also considered the younger generation. And actually, this is what could be a rational reason to build communication between us. But I do not know .... I was busy with daily activities and she also seems so. To be sure, the first time we both know Adji're not alone. I was knitting at that time as well Adji romance with someone who is still bound marriage. We also appreciate our partner masing2.

Today - I spent the day in Parliament with great enthusiasm to learn and study. I began to enjoy the rhythm of work that is really new for me. In my heavy schedule at the parliament building, I often met with Adji but it is limited, "say hello" only. Once we accidentally met in the room working one friend faction, when it Adji had asked me to talk about what people think about the problem. But I'm reluctant to say too much. After I get out of the room was Adji left a message to be conveyed to me that he was interested in me. And even then I did not respond seriously but I would respond lightly to give support to Adji to stay afloat despite heavy as any problem.

However there was no feeling of 'other' that I feel and indeed we also eventually be in a different commission. This, too, who made us very rarely meet and rarely communicate. We just met at a meeting every Friday fraction and it was very minimal interactions. He always sat in the west wing and I am in the east wing. Nothing special. He I took as a friend granted. Nothing more. Not Adji name if not keep trying and trying. Often I send greetings through the people who live with me.

"Mom, there are greetings from Mr. Adji 'said my maid.

But I always ignore it. Even though there are sometimes 'temptations' small, I assume it's always 'basic male'. Adji also been calling my name through the speaker session .... Angie! With the gaze of the 'pseudo-romantic' but I was at that time still could convince myself that it was Adji. He is Treating every woman like That Because he is nice to everybody. I just do not want to respond to serious Adji mas, although sometimes when you meet him is always to give praise .... Once again that I took as a base - just small talk and Yes he is doing it to everybody. Ever Adji also expressed his admiration to me through friends in a party, at that time I simply responded with the words: 'do not know Adji aja kayak'. But I still think Adji as a friend and it did not relieve my friendship with him in the context of party interests tentunnya.

After some time, so I finally own and Adjipun seemed to enjoy his solitude. Although I have always heard that Adji was never true - completely alone, because Adji the type of person who easy going and want to make friends with anyone. Once upon a time in the party meeting a friend said: 'Angie, Adji sends his regards ... .. I think she had a crush with you '. Then I replied with a joke: "Keep Trying hard, I need to see more effort". For a variety of busyness, we communicate less and less. Still Adji always sends his regards via my staff. And even then I did not return the greeting, because I think it is gombalnya men. Well ... that is what my minds at that time: Adji including a good man to everyone. So let me take all that as the wind alone. And in my heart ... ... Rags.

I always shy away from Adji in every opportunity. Even at each visit to a local party, I always ask my assistant, whether Adji participate in the group. And I order it, if any, please labored to separate my seat with Adji. As I view the photos in this webblogs. Maybe can tell a lot about my refusal to Adji. But it all finally melted...

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