Senin, 20 Desember 2010

Rahma Azhari & Simon McMenemy, Ada Apa?

Photos Philippine National Team Coach, Simon McMenemy with Indonesian artists, Rahma Azhari, eventually reached the Philippines. In ABS-CBNNews pages, photos hug both of them displayed on the front page with the title, 'Artis Indonesia Comfortable Coach Dipelukan Azkals'.

Who Rahma Azhari? Similarly, ABN-CBNNews opens his article about the photo-Mcmenemy Rahma that have been circulating widely in Indonesia since Monday (20/12). "Please Google his name, and see the pictures, is satisfied? Well now imagine him there in the arms of coach Azkal's Simon McMenemy." Thus ABS-CBNNews.

According to ABS-CBNNews, Rahma had been uploading pictures to social networking sites Twitter. Since Monday, photograph and Twitter status talks Rahma was so broad. In a Twitter timeline, Rahman admitted that Simon was his friend.

So what Rahma relationship with McMenemy? Speculation was blowing wildly as Rahman writes that the status of a little "teasing" in Twitter account.

"And he (Simon) said he already had a girlfriend there, but you never know what can happen in the future. Visit me in Manila! * Why not?" full of mystery she wrote.

Well, whether it is indeed something to do, but previously the Vice President of AFF and former president of the Philippine Football Federation (PFF), Johnny Romualdez, also cautioned to be careful Philippine national team during his stay in Jakarta.

"He's just a friend .. What a lovely person .. Glad to Actually meth uterus! Had a great time!" Rahma said on Monday (20/12) morning.

ABS-CBNNews quoting one of the media in Jakarta to assess the photographs taken at the Rahma-McMenemy Sunday (19/12) night in one of the discotheques in Jakarta, after the Philippines lost 1-0 from Indonesia.

"Yes that's uterus ... McMenemy feverrr ... :))," Rahma said again. ABS-CBNNews include a brief background Rahma Azhari. Written, Rahma was the model for men's magazines are also often invite controversy.

"Rahma in the spotlight in Indonesia, most of the people of Muslim countries, in November 2008, when nude photos she and Sarah Azhari circulating on the Internet," said ABS-CBNNews. Rahma other photos, in various poses can also be found in a number of blogs Indonesia.

PSSI chairman Nurdin Halid was to participate urun talk about the photographs Rahma cs with the Philippine national team camp. "I have no comment. It's their personal affairs," said Nurdin.

Whether there is anything on earth, which certainly does Rahman admitted that he was just friends with McMenemy. Ordinary friend or friends but intimate, Rahma?

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