Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

Foto Cewek Oral Seks Mirip Kesha

This time shift Ke $ ha young singer who became victims of leaking the photo vulgar. Some photos have been circulating in cyberspace, showing a woman who is really similar to the Ke $ ha and is being oral sex by a man not known. Previously, Ke $ ha have experienced similar things when a picture of him having sex spread in cyberspace.

These pictures were really sharp, with two other photos that show this woman was kissing the boy while covering her breasts with the palm of the hand that plain.
This photo was estimated to leak after a computer Ke $ ha-hack. To $ ha is reported as one of the celebrities who suffered losses because of their personal data was stolen by two teenagers from Germany who wanted to steal music.
To date, representative or spokesman Ke $ ha has not issued any statement, so the identity of a woman in this picture is still questionable. This is not the first time to $ ha experience vulgar photo leak scandal.

To $ ha himself did not seem bothered by this scandal, because he reportedly was in Madrid to attend the party.

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