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Momen Penting Selebriti Yang Mengejutkan Dunia 2010

The year 2010 will soon expire and will soon welcome the coming new year, 2011. During 2010 many sensations, surprises and also a surprising public controversy that occurred in the world of entertainment.

Ricky Martin

In 2010, Ricky Martin made a startling public confession, especially the fans of these singers are mostly women. In the middle of this year, Martin finally summoned the courage to reveal the secrets of his life which he has been buried.

Latin-blooded singer was admitted that if he is gay or same-sex lovers. "I am very blessed. I was gay very lucky," said Martin, as quoted from Zimbio, Wednesday, December 8, 2010.

Martin reveals the reasons that made him dare to speak honestly about his life's secret. He claimed that made the twins she dared to make such recognition. He no longer wish to have a secret. He wants the world to know about him.

"This is my time and this is the moment for me. For years I kept quiet and overshadowed it makes me strong and remind me of the support coming. And it made me strong to conquer emotions," he said.

Oprah Winfrey

So far, Oprah Winfrey has managed to bewitch the audience with various themes in his talk show called 'The Oprah Winfrey Show'. This woman has become the queen of talk shows for 25 years. However, he made an announcement which of course make public, especially fans of the show surprised.

Oprah says it will end the event. This event will end on September 9, 2011.

As a final award to the audience, this 56-year-old woman will make a surprise in the episode of 'separation'. He would send 300 people fans for a trip to Australia for 8 days.

"And now is the time I could go with my loyal viewers," said Winfrey.

Adriana Lima

Supermodel Adriana Lima makes a surprise in this year. Brazilian model did not take long to re-exist in the world model after a break due to give birth to her first child.

Icons product model famous underwear, Victoria's Secret was elected to wear a bra for U.S. $ 2 million or equivalent to USD 17.8 million in performance show Victoria's Secret underwear. Special bra which will be on display in front of an audience that 2000 will be given a sprinkling of diamonds.

Lady Gaga

The year 2010 seems lucky year for the singer Lady Gaga. In this year, the singer who likes to look unique and quirky are managed to steal the public's attention with songs and also a variety of sensations. He also became the artist's most exist on the internet.

This year, the singer of 'Poker Face' has six million followers on his Twitter. Not only that, he was also selected as the most influential celebrities throughout the year. In addition, her music videos are also included in the most watched people on Youtube.

Minka Kelly

The presence of the name as Minka Kelly Sexiest Women in the world is very surprising. How not, so far the sexiest women are usually achieved by famous artists such as Megan Fox, Cheryl Cole and other artists.

But the star series 'Friday Night Lights' is incised with a recorded history as the world's sexiest female version of Esquire magazine. For Kelly this is a sweet surprise. He admitted very confident with her beauty.

"I am very confident with my skin. Drawback I feel cool with me and all that. It feels good to make peace in ourselves," he said. (Sj) See also: Tragic, Death at Age 10 celebrity Young.

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