Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

Misteri Anang Dan Syahrini

Pupils spiritual Djenar Baby Mama Lauren had predicted relationship with Raul Remos Kris Kristofferson artist who would get married at the beginning of this year. But Baby Djenar also dreamy relationship ex-husband Kris Kristofferson, Sam Hermansyah and Syahrini.

"If Anand same vocal Syahrini inikan no longer their togetherness. Nearness of closeness was not that they diamini course, this is made public is still a mystery," he said on Monday (01/03).

Astrologer sees Syahrini desire to get married this year is very strong. Mainly because of age Syahrini already quite mature. But is it going to marry a beautiful artist with Syahrini, it remains a mystery.

"If I see Syahrini want to get married in 2011 was so strong it could be because there is someone. Moreover, he was already mature," predictions.

"It's still a mystery (with whom Syahrini married) what Anand or not, if I see the closeness they have chemistry, just stumbling block is still there that are not published,"he said later.

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