Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010

Foto Hot & Mesra Widy vierra

Another artist who became headline news in indonesia, he is voklais band vierra, Widy vierra , have been circulating photos sexy photos widy vierra with the boyfriend. whether this killing of characters?

Intimate and adventuresome pictures of Widy Soediro Nichlany (Widy "Vierra Band") and adherent acquire emerged on the internet. It seems the pictures were attack aback they both in a auberge room. There are two photos, Widy wore a abject bikini and adherent above wore a abridge pants (topless).

Widy Vierra artist is one of the children who are now teenagers, a few years ago Widy Vierra name is synonymous. but, with time Widy Vierra grow more mature, now he became one of the adolescent stage of the beautiful, the breast is formed, even though breast Widy Vierra so big, but he is not interested in plastic surgery to enlarge or Silicon breast. Widy Vierra feel comfortable enough with the breast that is not too large.

Widy Vierra beautiful actress with a similar standard television tina talisa, in terms of the face and smile Widy Vierra are very similar to tina talisa, but in terms of breast size is very much different, breast tina talisa look bigger and beautiful. Widy Vierra Do not make a stand for the breast surgery? We wait for further news.

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