Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010

99 Percent Luna Maya and Cut Tary Similar in sex video with Ariel

Although not acknowledged that the three outstanding porn videos is that they, expert witnesses are questioned Police Headquarters confirmed that the similarity reaches 99 percent.

"Its information like that, 99.9 percent. That the instructions from Roy Suryo. IT leads Roy Suryo, "explained Head of Police Headquarters passenger Kombes Marwoto Soeto Police at Police Headquarters, Jalan Trunojoyo, Jakarta.

However, he admitted to not knowing how the results of investigations of this fact, because he has not obtained more recent information. "If the investigation results tonight like what I do not know. I have yet to be informed of the examination results tonight, "he said.

Marwoto said, until the present status and Cut Tari Luna Maya is still as witnesses and have not upgraded to the suspect. "Until yesterday afternoon I had the monitor. It's still a witness, "he

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